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Gravity Corer Ø140 mm

Gravity Corer
13.750 - Gravity corer, 140 mm:

The gravity corer is designed for taking samples in hard sandy sediment. Detachable core tubes with a length of 5 m. Up to 25 m in soft or muddy sediment.

Main body and weight base:
The main body and the weight base are manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel. The weight base has a capacity of 20 pcs. of weights, 80 kg/each made from lead and secured in a stainless steel container with handles. Max. weight of the corer: 2000 kg. On request the base can be made to support a larger number of weights. At the top there is a non return flap and a strong rubber packing.

Coring tube:
The coring tube is made of AISI 316 stainless steel tube with a finish of electro polish. Length 5 m, outer/inner diameter of 140 mm/130 mm. The tube has room for an internal, thin-walled PVC liner, diameter 125/121 mm.

Carver with orange peel:
The carver holds an orange peel (AISI 316 stainless steel), allowing the sediment sample to pass up into the tube, and prevents exiting of sediment when the coring tube is redrawn form the seabed.

Coupling device for tubes:
The coupling device for the extension of tubes is made from AISI 316 stainless steel, diameter 152 mm/141 mm.

Mounting of the equipment:
The coring body, the coring tube, the coupling device for tubes and the carver is fastened with special steel nails to be hammered into the right angled holes.

Weight base:
On request the weight base can be made for a maximum load of 2100 kg.

Support for piston corer functionality:
Adding the 13.795 extension kit allows the gravity corer to work as a piston corer thus adding more versatility to the product. You can switch forth and back within few minutes.

Extruding the sample:
A ratchet device and a piston rod can be used for the extrusion.

13.750 - Gravity Corer - 140 mm.
Locking mechanism for the sample tube.
13.757 - Carver, AISI 316 stainless steel.
13.759 - Lead weight - 80 kg.
13.795 - Extension for adding piston corer functionality.
13.760 - Drum with ratchet device; to be used with 13.761 piston rod.
13.761 - Piston rod for 13.760 ratchet device.
13.765 - Sample tube, length 5 m.