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Autonomus Benthic Lander
Ballast Water Analyzer
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Current Meter Measurement
Manta net
Micro Plastic Particle Pump
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Pressure stable battery cylinder
Rosette and Racks
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Sediment Trap Station
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Plankton Nets

Small Plankton Net Ø25 cm
Plankton net Ø30 cm
Plankton net Ø40 cm
Plankton net Ø50 cm
Plankton net Ø50 cm - ARCTIC
Ring trawl net Ø100 cm
WP2 net Ø57/70/75 cm
WP3 net Ø113 cm
Bongo net 2 x Ø30 cm
Bongo Net 2 x Ø60 cm
Net for collecting jellyfishes
Plankton nets in various mesh sizes