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Water and pore fluid samplers

Water and pore fluid samplers

Water samplers can be designed for trapping water passing either vertically (through the water column) or horizontally (in the benthic boundary layer) through the sampler.

Closure of the samplers is either controlled by CPU/timer or event activated (e.g. pressure).

Alternatively, sampling can be active suction by an array of spring activated syringes.

Sampling can be initiated at pre-programmed time intervals in incubation chambers or can be performed at a customer requested spatial distribution: at different heights in the benthic boundary layer, at differing depths within the sediment.

Samples can be stored in gas tight ampoules or can be inactivated by injection of inhibitors.

More details can be found here.


250 ml "Niskin" PVC Water sampler

The water sampler tube is made of PVC. The top and bottom lid is made of POM O.D / I.D.x length Ø50mm/Ø38mm x 250 mm.

The top and bottom lids are held together with a rubber tube (Latex).

The water sampler can be used singly or mounted on a multi-water station intended for controlled closing from deck or from previous programming.

The water sampler is made for Mini Profilers, Micro Profilers and Benthic Landers.

More details can be found here.