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Ruttner Water Sampler

11.0xx series - Ruttner water sampler 1,7 - 3 and 5 L:

The KC water sampler is based on the Ruttner design and it is suitable for taking samples in lakes, water borings, wells, etc. For a smaller version with capacity of 1 L click here.

Internal thermometer (non-mercury) for registration of the in-situ temperature. Temperature range between -10 and +60 °C. For the 1,7 L Ruttner the thermometer is scaled 0 - 40 °C.

Drop messenger:
All Ruttner samplers come with a drop messenger.

Winches and lines:
Click here for winches and lines.

Metal free interior:
All Ruttner samplers, except for 11.001, can be delivered without internal, metallic parts in the sample tube. Please specify on ordering.

11.002 - Ruttner water sampler 1,7 L.
11.003 - Ruttner water sampler 3,0 L.
11.004 - Ruttner water sampler 5,0 L.

Drop messenger:
• 400 g, brass
• For model 11.002, 11.003 and 11.004 only, used on a Ø5 mm line


10.001 - Drop messenger 400 g for Ruttner, 1,7 L and larger.

Remote water sampling using a drone:

The UgCS Integrated Systems is a product of SPH Engineering.

The main benefit of the system is the possibility to take 1 or 5 L water samples at far distances from brinks or water access points (piers, bridges, etc.) when there is no boat or ship to sail to the location where it is necessary to take samples.

- Fully automatic process of taking samples: the drone flies in automatic mode to a set location, descends to the required altitude, and releases the messenger to fill the sampler. After that drone ascends and delivers the sample to a set location.

- Possibility to take samples from the required depth by specifying the altitude to which the drone will descend before the messenger release.

Click here for a presentation video and here you can download more details. Photos and video courtesy of SPH Engineering.
Drone with Ruttner water sampler.
Advanced software for remote water sampling.
Ordering No. 11.001 11.002 11.003 11.004
Volume: 1,0 L
1,7 L 3,0 L 5,0 L
Cylinder tube acrylic (O.D./I.D. x L): 8,5/8 x 26 cm 13.3/12.3 x 15 cm 13.3/12.3 x 25 cm 13.3/12.3 x 43 cm
Height: 56 cm 63 cm 73 cm 92 cm
Weight: 1,35 kg 5,8 kg 6,5 kg 7,5 kg
Drop messenger, brass: 200 g 400 g 400 g 400 g
Recommended line:

Max. 3 mm

Max. 5 mm

Spare parts
Rubber seal, 2 pcs per unit


Ordering number 11.006
Thermometer range: -10 to 60 oC.
Scaled each degree. Space between each degree: 2 mm.