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Epibenthic sledge, 80 x 30 cm

19.750 nr 1
19.750 - Epibenthic sledge:

The epibenthic sledge is a system for sampling benthic and benthopelagic faunas. The epibenthic sledge consists of a rectangular frame with a mesh net attached to it. When towed along the seabed, its weight scrapes into the benthos, collecting any organisms on the surface or in the first centimetres of sediment.

A mechanically operated flap closes the net during deployment and opens when the sledge touches the bottom. The net will also collect the organisms in the water column just above the benthos (25 cm above the seabed).

Details of the closing mechanism:
A mechanically operated flap closes the net and opens when the sledge touches the bottom.

Technical data:
•    Opening, L x H: 80 x 30 cm - 2400 cm²
•    Dimensions L x W x H: 170 x 110 x 60 cm
•    AISI 316 stainless steel
•    Net, length 150 cm, mesh size 500 µm
•    Net bucket, length 360 mm, diameter 160 mm, the windows are
covered by stainless steel mesh, 500 µm and the windows are
protected by AISI 316 stainless steel net
•    Weight: 100 kg

19.750 - Epibenthic sledge.
19.750 - Epibenthic sledge, seen from the front.
19.750 - Epibenthic sledge.
19.750 - Epibenthic sledge, close up of the net bucket.

19.680 - Camera option:

• Resolution: 12 MP
• Field of view (FOV): 145°
• EIS - Electronic Image Stabilization

Lights, 2 pcs:
• LED chip, 50 W, each
• Intensity Luminous(lv): 6000 LM
• Viewing angle: 120 -140°
• Subconn connector

Battery and mounting brackets:
• Battery cylinder with Subconn connectors
• Capacity for 90 mins. of recording
• Fully adjustable brackets for lights/camera
• Comes with a complete set of cables with Subconn connectors
and USB interface for transferring data to a PC

• All items are manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel with a finish of electro polish
• Housings for camera and lights: Diameter: Ø105 mm, length 195 mm
• Max. depth: 500 m
• Weight, complete system: 26 kg

19.680 - Camera and light, max. depth 500 m.
19.750 - Epibenthic sledge with camera and light.