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KC pore-water pressing bench, stainless steel cylinders

22.200 - Pore water pressing bench - Stainless steel
22.200 SS - Pore water pressing bench with stainless steel cylinders:

The KC Pore water pressing bench allows pore-water extraction of any kind of sediments, from sediments rich in organic material, to sandy sediments.

Sediment cores are segmented and placed in the pressing house, which is closed by means of the handle on top of the house. An over-pressure is applied (fed-in) at the reduction valve and the valves of the houses in operation are opened. The resulting compression of the sediment matrix leads to expelling of the pore-water, which is sampled in containers beneath the pressing house. Operation in a glove bag prevents atmospheric contamination with, for example, oxygen, so anaerobic analysis of the pore-water is possible.

The cylinders and all accessories are also available as AISI 316 stainless steel for special purposes. The water will be in contact with stainless steel only. See ordering details below. The cylinders will also fit on previous delivered models.

Technical data:
  • 5 pressing houses, each 100 ml
  • All cylinder parts and support screens are manufactured
    from AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Max. sample diameter: O.D. Ø40 mm
  • Inclusive 5 pcs of AISI 316 stainless steel support screens
    (22.145-SS) and Latex film (22.135)
  • Nipples for Ø8 mm hose
  • Operating pressure: Max. 4 bar
  • Manometer for pressure
  • Adding the 22.130-VT sealings, allows autoclaving of
    the cylinders
  • Dimensions, incl. manometer: L x W x H: 51 x 21 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 11,1 kg


22.200SS - Pore water pressing bench - stainless steel cylinders.
22.200SS - Seen from the back.
The inlet with adjustment for pressure (max. 4 bar).
Standard support screen (left) and a stainless version (right).
22.105 - 4 ports compressed-air manifold for connecting multiple devices.

Any gas can be applied for introducing the driving over-pressure


22.125SS - Cylinder, AISI 316 stainless steel.
No. Description of the pressing house - Black POM Ordering No.:
1 Top part, black POM (Delrin) 22.110
2 Thin film of Latex distribution (5 pcs) 22.135
3 Sealing (O-ring, I.D. 42.50 x 2.62 mm NBR70) 22.130
4 Cylinder, 25 ml, black POM (Delrin), exclusive O-rings 22.120
4a Cylinder, 100 ml, black POM (Delrin), exclusive O-rings 22.125
5 Accepted paper filter dimension: O.D. 47 mm Milipore or Whatmann. Please contact your local supplier for available mesh sizes.
6 Support screen: O.D. 40 mm Sartorius No. 6980232 22.145
7 Bottom part black POM (Delrin) 22.115
8 Pore-water outlet O.D. 1 mm PTFE hose or fittings 22.150
Adapter for mounting of 25 ml cylinders in a 100 ml system. The adaper is manufactured from POM and can also be used on previous delivered models.
No Description of the pressing house - White POM
1 Top part, white POM (Delrin). Minimum ordering: 5 pcs. 22.111
4 Cylinder, 25 ml, white POM (Delrin), exclusive O-rings. Minimum ordering: 5 pcs. 22.121
4a Cylinder, 100 ml, white POM (Delrin), exclusive O-rings. Minimum ordering: 5 pcs. 22.126
7 Bottom part white POM (Delrin). Minimum ordering: 5 pcs. 22.116
No Description of the pressing house, AISI 316 stainless steel.
1 Top part, 22.110-SS
3 Sealing, O-ring, Vitron, req. 2 pcs/each cylinder 22.130-VT
4 25 ml. Cylinder, exclusive O-rings 22.120-SS
4a 100 ml. Cylinder, exclusive O-rings 22.125-SS
6 Support screen: O.D. 40 mm 22.145-SS
7 Bottom part 22.115-SS