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Bottom scraper

14.000 - Bottom scraper with 1,5 m wooden shaft:

The frame is made of a 200 mm diameter ring manufactured from an 8 mm AISI 316 stainless steel rod. The frame is reinforced by a cutting edge.



The steel sieve can easily be replaced by means of a screwdriver. The wooden shaft has a length of 1.5 m and has been treated with an acid hardened lacquer.

The frame for the sieve is laser cut from 8 mm AISI stainless steel and is manufactured for long-term professional use.

14.000 - Bottom scraper with 1,5 m wooden shaft.
Close up of 14.000 bottom scraper.
14.000 - Bottom scraper seen from the side.


The spare part sieve 14.001, Ø200 mm, approx. 2000 µ.

The bottom scraper has been constructed, so it's easy to switch around the sieve if needed.


14.000 - Bottom scraper with cutting edge, wooden shaft, length 1,5 m, weight 1,2 kg.

14.001 - Spare part sieve, Ø200 mm, mesh size 2000 µ


14.001 - Sieve for bottom scraper with mesh size 2000 µ.