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Rosette with glass bottles

100.270 - Rosette with glass bottles - loaded
100.270 - Rosette with 12 glass bottles, each 1 L:

Rack manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel, capacity of 12 glass bottles, each 1 L. The bottles remain closed until the individual, programmable release takes place. Before the raising of the unit to the surface, a drop messenger will release a mechanism closing all bottles.


  • Depth rating: 500 m
  • Standard delivery comes with glass bottles of 1 L.
    Other sizes on request
  • Release system is motor driven (24 Volt DC)
  • Release manually or fully programmable by mounting of
    an optional time lapsed trigger
  • Support for triggering by pressure
  • Trigger includes software: actual status for the samplers,
    battery voltage, motor current, etc.
  • Footprint: 59 x 59 cm
  • Height: 116 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg

Standard delivery:
The rosette rack does not include power supply, timer, cables and glass bottles. The accessories must be ordered separately.


100.270 - Rosette with glass bottles - loaded position.
100.270 - Rosette with glass bottles - released position.
Complete set of accessories for the rosette rack.
The laptop comes with pre-installed software having an intuitive interface.