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Deep-sea lander for 6000 m

Deep-sea lander for 6000 m depth.
500.100 - Deep-sea lander for 6000 m depth:

Lander which is used to document the biodiversity of the deep ocean. In its final version it is equipped with an acoustic releaser, camera, flashes, current meters etc. A deep sea camera system shoots digital stills as well as video and essentially a dead fish or a piece of bait is attached in front of the camera and the animals come in and eat on the bait. The camera will be set up to take a photo about every minute or two minutes and as the animals come and eat occasionally, the camera will take a photo and the scientists are able to catalog the abundance and the diversity of the scavengers.

Professor Andrew Sweetman from the Lyell Centre, Heriot-Watt University shares a detailed video clip here.

Lander for 6000 m.
Top view - buoyancy for 6000 m depth.
Catch ring and brackets for the acoustic release.