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Box Corer 7500 cm²

80.750 - Box Corer 7500 cm².
80.750 - Box Corer 7500 cm², 50 cm penetration:

The KC Denmarks box corer's series is a marine geological sampling tool for soft sediment in lakes or oceans. It is deployed from a research vessel with a deep sea wire and suitable for any water depth. It is designed for a minimum of disturbance of the sediment surface by bow wave effects which is important for quantitative investigations of the benthos micro- to macrofauna, geochemical processes, sampling of bottom water or sedimentology.

The box corer is also available with 40 cm of penetration (80.740).


• Height, loaded: 340 cm.
• Bottom frame: (released position): 310 x 290 cm
• Sample area: 86,6 x 86,6 cm
• Penetration depth: 50 cm
• Maximum weight: 3350 kg with 16 additional lead weights
• Finish: Electro polish
• Weight: 2550 kg

Camera option:
For a max. depth of 500 m it is possible adding our camera and light option (requires a bracket).

80.750 - Box Corer 7500 cm² - 50 cm sample depth.
80.750 - Box Corer 7500 cm² - 50 cm sample depth.
80.740 - Box Corer 7500 cm² - 40 cm sample depth.
Removable front plate so you can take a look at the sediment layers before emptying the sample tube.

80.310-50H - Small carriage:

•    For sample tube transport
•    Support for sample tube, AISI 316 stainless steel
•    Inclusive hydraulic lift
•    L x W x H: 155 x 107 x 123 cm
•    Weight: 300 kg

80.310-50H - Hydraulic carriage for easy removal of the sample tube.

Custom design:

Example of a custom design inclusive
• Niskin rosette with programmable trigger and 12 pcs 1 L bottles
• A sediment trap with a funnel of 0,5 m² and a 5 L coillecting bottle

Custom design of box corer inclusive Niskin rosette rack with 12 bottles. Furthermore a sediment trap to the right.